Her Chee Industrial Co., Ltd.

No. 2 Yi-Kung 2 Road, Yi-Chu Industrial Area
Yi-Chu Hsiang, Chia-Yi Hsien, Taiwan, R. O. C.
Tel.: 886-5-342-6621 (Rep)
Fax: 886-5-342-7208~9
E-Mail: herchee1@ms9.hinet.net - www@hercheemoto.com

Company was established with capital size NT18 million to produce moped bike.
1983 Mr.C.C.Chen took over the position of chairman.
1985 Official announced the first generation plastic scooter-ADLY 50 c.c./100 c.c., and branded ADLY Moto for Her Chee products.
1987 Official announced the ADLY/50c.c and100c.c scooter for international market.
1990 Official announced new 50c.c ”ELEGANT” scooter with Italian homologation. Her-Chee was the first Taiwanese scooter manufacturer enter European market.
1993 Successful R&D to announce the first wide tire type of “PISTA”scooter for international market. 1995 Product certified with Germany and Holland compliance. Stability Growth
Period 1996 Her-Chee went to Initial Public Offering 1997 Certified with ISO-9002. 1998 Apply for O.T.C introduction and open new office 1999 Pioneer to introduce youth ATV for international market and the first company to comply ATV-50 EEC 92/61 homologation
2000 Acquire the aluminum die casting machines and ED (Electronic Deposit) painting equipment from OEM suppliers to vertically integrate production process. 2001 Upgraded to ISO-9001 certification. 2002 Approval of Over-The-Counter stock trade.