Highland Group AB

Verktygsvägen 8 SE-553 02
Jönköping, SWEDEN
Tel.: +46-(0)36-18 12 90
Fax: +46-(0)36-18 79 10

The company, which was founded in 1996, is located in Jönköping, at the southern tip of lake Vättern in southern Sweden. A number of employees are former racing drivers and from Husqvarna and Husaberg. Together with experienced engine constructors, the company has been referred to as the country's last motorcycle manufacturer.

From building the handmade motorcycles mostly direct for the customer, Highland Group has become more and more like a house of total development.

At the moment we have several new ongoing projects for industrial and R&D companies in both Asia and Europe. Since 2005 we are co-owner in a motorcycle joint-venture project in Asia in which we have great expectation for the future.

We are also concentrating our recourses in refining our new 450cc racing engine and motorcycle to compete in the SuperMotard Championship just as a flag wearer to put us clearly on our new market scene.

Our most spectacular 950 Dirt Track is also still on a development level
as a concept bike intended for production somewhere in the world.

Today we are not building any motorcycles for retail sale at all in our plant in Jönköping

Instead we are offering advanced innovations and latest engine technology as different kind of production licenses to customers, world wide.

We also create complete turn-key motorcycle concepts as a part of our own drive meeting the future – or perhaps as a franchising or license business to an enthusiastic entrepreneur or enterpriser.

Our intention is to become an international player, by all means, in innovating and developing advanced, cutting-edge technologies in engines, engine management and chassis.

We have the resources because we have the right people working with us!