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A meaningful history

Since 1959 Italjet has developed more than 150 different and innovative models.
Motorcycles and motorbikes designed with an entrepreneurial enthusiasm which has remained unchanged since the foundation of the company, up to the third generation, at present striving to consolidate the national and international image of the company.

The company has been kept together and managed for over forty years by the Tartarini family, whose members have always tried to develop their business coherently following the philosophy of innovation, which is today the trademark of Italjet in Italy as well as worldwide.

The basics of this philosophy are simple: to innovate, to be the trend-setters, to be always in the forefront, one jump ahead of the competitors.

"It's an attitude that comes from competitions, where you must be determined to reach your own objectives, always anticipating your antagonists", explains the founder Leopoldo Tartarini.
And this determination, together with the enthusiasm and passion for the world of motorcycles and engines in general, has been handed down to the new generations not only through chromosomes, but also making them breathe it with the air, and cultivating it through the example and the memory of his great sports undertakings.

To mention just a few of them: the success in the race Milano-Taranto in 1952 and 1953, the victory in the race Giro d'Italia in 1953 and 1954, the world tour in 1957 (five continents, 42 countries in 13 months), the three world records with the Cyclecar in Monza in 1969.