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Lifan is an international motorcycle and automotive company manufacturing and exporting over 260 models of motorcycles and scooters worldwide. Lifan is the biggest exporter of motorcycles in China. Chinese motorcycle production figures are staggering. In 2008, China produced 25.6 million motorcycles! Unbeknown to many people, China manufactures over 50% of the worlds production of motorcycles.
Lifan are highly regarded for their high standards of mechanical engineering both internationally and here in New Zealand.
"Lifan are the largest manufacturer and exporter of motorcycle engines in the world".
Public awareness of the Lifan brand in our country is in its early stages but growing quickly.
Overseas the incredible growth of the Lifan brand worldwide should see Lifan competing with Japanese brands on an equal footing here and abroad before long. We also predict that in years to come Lifan will become the world's best known motorcycle and scooter company, as China is only just beginning to flex its industrial muscles. Lifan China also manufacture their own trucksbuses and cars for their domestic market!